For those of you who are following Ms. Harris, her 2020 Campaign Kick-Off event was a huge success on Wednesday evening.  More than fifty attendees filled the dining room at Pach’s place in South Tampa as Sally expressed her gratitude and explained why she is running for Hillsborough County School Board District 7 in 2020.

“I really want to go back and finish these things!” exclaimed Ms. Sally A. Harris.

Sally was previously elected to the Hillsborough County School Board in 2014 and served a four year term.  During that period, the district was challenged to overcome a budget deficit, endured five Category three hurricanes and a 72% graduation rate.

By the time Sally’s term ended, the graduation rate had increased to 83% and she felt the district was in a much healthier place than it was when she started.  Some of her key accomplishments included:

  • changing the new leadership team by reducing 1,900+ administrators,
  • balancing the budget that was made available online,
  • providing raises for teachers and staff,
  • recognizing and meeting the unique needs of military families,
  • making it possible for the county to pass the Penny tax, and
  • drastically reducing energy costs.

In case you missed it, you can browse her YouTube Channel to view last nights’ speech.  She is also accepting campaign contributions and would appreciate your support!


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