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Our number one issue in the district.

Keeping our children safe while giving them an Education is our priority. We will reinforce ”See something Say something” as we educate our families and students how we will work thru these concerns as a district.

Regardless of place or circumstance, safety is the number one priority of HCPS and should be the primary concern governing every action of every HCPS employee. Furthermore, safety needs to be more proactive and thoughtful for those serving our children. I will champion our efforts while supporting ” See something Say something” as we mine opportunities to ensure our schools, transportation options and field trips are safe havens for cultivating learning and growth.


We need to change our Discipline Policy and implement early intervention programs.

We need to change our Discipline Policy to make sure our Teachers are supported, while dealing with difficult students who struggle to control their behaviors and become threatening to others. Teachers and administrators need to feel the district will give them the tools to be successful while helping to make parents aware of their child’s behavior and what services we have to help their child become successful and safe.

I continue to champion early intervention programs serving parents to proactively address challenges that are often the core of behavior problems. In many of our schools, discipline issues are rated as the number one challenge encountered by teachers. I will move forward to evaluate and update our Discipline Policy in a manner that both supports our teachers and administration while giving our families the tools they need to be successful.

Fair compensation.

Florida ranks 46th out of 50 states in the national teacher pay rank.

Both our teachers and support staff serve as the foundation of student learning. Keeping these cornerstones in mind, I continue to push for a balanced and sustainable budget including a compensation package that serves to equitably compensate our valuable employees. Additionally, this would serve to attract the best available to serve a long tenure with Hillsborough County Schools.

Work Force Management.

We need to ensure our apprenticeship programs are recognized and supported.

I will continue to support and work to make sure our apprenticeship programs are recognized and supported thru our Work Force division. As our community continues to thrive these programs are becoming the Career link our community needs. This is the future of our Community’s growth and development. Preparing our students for life means having them employable right out of high school with a trade.

We are blessed to live in a metropolitan area in which our students focusing on vocational opportunities can thrive while in school and upon graduation. Active support of our vocational education programs and Work Force Management has been a focus of each of my campaign efforts. Hillsborough County has thrived in terms of growth and development which has been a breath of fresh air for our student looking for vocational career opportunities. Preparing our students for “out of the gate” employment after high school graduation is a win-win proposition for our students and our economy.

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